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21 December 2008

The Real Story of Leather And Feathers


Leather and Feathers was created in between London, Ontario and Paris, France when two best friends realised that had to contribute more to the world of fashion, music, photography.. Let's just say art in general. After reading millions of blogs and talking about how we should do one together, Leather decided that the 16th of December was the day to do it, and so we did. While Feathers experienced another sleepless night in Paris due to her insomnia, Leather got right into it, and this is the result!

How Leather met Feathers. 

It all started in a car ride from the train station in Montreal, Canada to St. Donat. Somewhere between chocolate, films, Paris Hilton's sex tape and other random topics we realised just how similar we were.. everything was smooth after that, and the proove is that even though its been 2 years (¡¡!!) since we last saw each other and the fact that we have an ocean separating us, the truth is that we are still as close as we used to. 

This is who we were:

This is who we are now:


Leather and Feathers