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27 January 2009

Pulling my Wang

Alexander Wang... for men? Something tells me this is another excuse for women to steal from their boyfriend's closets. I know I would. The line is supposed to come out for Spring 2010 (that sounds so futuristic! So does 2525) Apparently “the idea has always been there, I’m just expanding it.” I think it's safe to say that the entire blogging world will be eagerly awaiting this line. Guess he's putting that CFDA fund to excellent use!

While I'm procrastinating studying for my History exam tomorrow (sorry Matt, I'm soo close to being done though- I promise!) isn't this picture

fabulous? Imagine being able to walk into that every friggin morning. I think I'd just stay home and play dress up all the time. "I have nothing to wear" should ever come out of her mouth. I'd be personally offended. Not that I'm neccessarily lacking either, but...

xxxooo Leather

picture + quote;
bottom picture;

Hiding in the forest, running through the fields.

I think it's the couture shows that reaffirm my unfaltering love for fashion. Where else do you find the most outrageous and glorious dresses, the almost obscene glamour, and painstaking craftsmanship? Even though fashion is not just couture and I applaud people for being stylish instead of off-the-runway fashionable, isn't this what brings us all together? A common love for looking good?

"There's a credit crunch, not a creative crunch. Of course, everyone is being more careful with their discretionary purchases. I am. But it's our job to make people dream, and to provide the value in quality, cut, and imagination." -John Galliano

xxxooo Leather

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26 January 2009

Watch Out For: Passion Pit

They are a new group from Cambridge, Massachusets, and whose first album, Chunk of Change, is the beggining of what i believe will be an innovative and interesting career. In this album, Michael, Ian, Ayad, Jeff and Nate include 80's sounds yet they mix them with new rave sounds in a way that just makes you want to stay home with their album and spend an evening of tired-dancing (those who know me understand this). Listen to sleepyhead especially. Spectacular. They are my latest obsession, therefore, it should be yours too.

xx Feathers



You have to love Topshop. 

xx Feathers

Tough Love

I would have died for these shoes. They were on everyone (well, everyone worthwhile) but with a price tag of over $900 american... eff no. But then, the silver lining. Jeffrey Campbell made his own version of the God-like shoes. And again, $100 with horrible shipping costs to Canada... it's been hard my friends. While I still coveted these shoes long past f/w 2007 I felt that maybe one day in a distant land we could meet up. That distant land was not as far off as I thought. Behold, Spring's version of the Burberry studded heel... and only $60. Plus two extra 10% off. Which equals ooohh..... $48.60 Far better than $900+ in my books.

xxxooo Leather

Clockwise; Jeffery Campbell, Burberry, Spring.

Photos from and

25 January 2009

Girl Crush: Clemence Poesy

I absolutely love Clemence Poesy. To me, she's always just that tiny bit aloof but with her friends I bet she's the best kind of crazy. From an interview in Purple Fashion magazine, she says that to be successful in life, it is necessary to be a bit "maladjusted and strange... even if you have to pay for it in middle school." If she is strange, then I never want to be normal.

Pictures; top- garance dore, 2nd- ? 3rd- Purple, bottom- Nylon.

24 January 2009

Never Miss a Beat

"The French woman has become such an international style icon that she herself is trying to incarnate the fantasy: innate chic, cool sohpistication, rather intellectual, often ironic... The French woman tries to give the impression that she doesn't take fashion seriously though her look is a carefully composed work of art.

Her contradictory attitude toward fashion gives her true conviction that her own style is definately more interesting than that imposed by any trend or fashion mandate."

xxxooo Leather

typos spotted by the lovely, incredible Maestro. Mi Ragazzo!

Words and photos; Purple Fashion magazine. Photographed by Terry Richardson.

22 January 2009

Stuck on Repeat

I've been listening to Little Boots alot lately, and I have to say I really love it! It's very pop/discoteque, which is different from my normal taste. It's kind of like Crystal Castles a little bit. Something I'd love to hear in a club. Have a listen to her Hot Chip remix, it's very mellow.

The Alexander McQueen for Tar-jay lookbook is out, and although it is... bland... there are some pieces I actually love. I'm not seeing the girl from Deerhunters influence here, or the "mermaid" bit either. I think I did spot some zippered leggings though! They would probably be less expensive then the ones from AA, which unfortunately are way too short for me. I think my favorite look from the line would be the grey jacket (which looks a little assymetrical on the model,) the patterned one shouldered dress, and the quasi star-trek looking dress. The other stuff was just really boring for me, although I understand the pressure to make the clothes appeal to a wider audience than the more stylistically (and monetarily) exclusive audience. I'm glad it's not just a total knock off of another of his lines, like that asian kid (thakoon maybe? i forget) did.

xxxooo Leather

Photos :

19 January 2009

Set it on fire

I'm about to get a new apartment downtown (hopefully I get into uni so I can keep it though!) and I've been thinking about how to decorate it for awhile. Technically, I've "had" an apartment for awhile.. in my head, just waiting for the real estate to come around. I like trolling through {this is glamorous} because there is always beautiful interior design, and although it may not always be my taste, I still appreciate the elegance and effort in the room. I'm thinking about doing this kind of blue wall in the living room, it would look perfect with the big windows (with the prerequisite white curtains) and brick walls. Sometimes I wish time would just speed up so I can move in already! I've had my eye on this building since November. How do you decorate your room/bachelor pads?

xxxooo Leather

photo: this is glamorous;

My mercury's in retrograde.

I have a plethora of things to blog about, and absolutely no time to do it! Exams are next week for me, and I'm unbelievably stressed with uni stuff! I'm taking a short break to relax and get my act together before diving into the 4302894 assignments I have to do tonight. Wish me luck? Anyways, download (or at least listen to) some of these songs.

1. Boy with a coin - Iron & Wine
2. Dear miami - Roisin Murphy
3. McFearless - Kings of Leon
4. Bullet and a target - Citizen Cope
5. G.B.A. - Xavier Rudd
6. (Get off your) High horse - Oasis
7. Phenomena - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
8. Sway - The Kooks
9. Fool - Cat Power
10. Saferwaters - Chevelle
11. GfC - Albert Hammond Jr.
12. Get it up - Santogold, M.I.A, and Gorilla Zoe
13. Eyes on fire - Blue Foundation
14. Astronauts and stethoscopes - Polarcare (it's on myspace... my friend is in this band!)
15. Knocked up - Kings of Leon
16. Digital Sea - Thrice
17. Morning bell - Radiohead
18. Idioteque - Radiohead
19. Starstruck - Santogold
20. Myxomatosis- Radiohead (obviously I have a thing for radiohead)
21. Sideways- Citizen Cope
22. Lights and music- Cut Copy
23. Epic last song- Does it Offend You, Yeah
24. Anyone- Fiction Plane
25. Electric Bloom- Foals (all of their music is phenom.)
26. Chaos - Mute Math
27. I know you are but what am I? - Mogwai (they also just came out with a new cd, The Hawk is Howling... it's epic. get it)
28. Strength in numbers - The Music
29. Million - Number One Gun
30. Trail of fire - Oceansize

So not all of these songs are new, but they are what I've been listening to most recently! Hope you like,

xxxooo Leather

10 January 2009

T-Shirt Insanity

Sorry i've been a little out, but vacations are always hectic! 
For the past 5 or 6 years there has been a complete T-shirt Revolution. T-Shirts have always been there starting in the 50s where they were only used as underwear yet gorgeous Marlon Brando proved everyone that it could be worn outside. 

Well, since then t shirts have grown to be a way of publicity or propaganda of political statements, believes, etc 
I, personally, have entered a Tshirt Spiral, i buy one and need another... this is a non stoping madness!! these are some i'm looking into now, and some i already have! 

(click on name to open link)


09 January 2009

She took my heart, I think she took my soul

Looking at pictures from Donna Karan's pre-fall 09 collection on (I am a little behind, but I'm a busy girl!) and I'm not sure what I think about it. I love the deep red colour and the splash of purple and blue dresses. But personally I'm not crazy about the use of structure. points out the obvious when they say that "Karan's idea of structure is easier than most," but when I want a Donna Karan dress I want the elegant draping and luxurious fabrics which you just don't get with a structured blazer. Designers do need to switch things up and go beyond what they do best, but is Donna just trying to appeal to a wider, more professional audience because of the recession?

My favorite piece from the collection, isn't this colour fabulous?This dress reminds me of something I saw at French Connection the other day.... the loose origami folds are wonderful though.
Yet another 'tuxedo' dress..

A rose by any other name..

xxxooo Leather

All photos and quote;

08 January 2009

This is how I feel these days

This blog is becoming the ultimate homework distractor. I'm almost done my final essay though! Thank god. But I wish I could find and rock the pants second from the bottom left. These shots are absolutely fierce! If I didn't live in such a backwater, I'd strut the shit out of these outfits. Actually, on second thought, I should just do it anyways.

xxxooo Leather
Photo: barestyle

07 January 2009

Lux for Less?

Found this "tuxedo" dress while wandering the sartorial utopia that is ASOS. Look familiar, anyone? It brings to mind a certain dress that got quite a lot of press from a Fall '08 ready to wear collection. Balenciaga maybe? The thing with the knockoff is that not only is it missing the ultra sexy slit up the right side, but I'd be a little nervous about not being able to try it on before buying. The tulip skirt could be hit or miss on some people, and I think I'd be a miss.

xxxooo Leather

Top picture:
Bottom picture:

It made my heart beat double time...

So because it was Christmas not too long along, I got a small amount of shopping money. And any girl on a budget knows you have to stretch those dollars to get everything you need out of it. Start with the things that you've been coveting for god-knows-how-long, and then finish off with the "it was too cute, i just had to" buy. I had been in dire need of new clothes for a long time now (it pains me to think about those dark days, even though they are just starting again) and this shopping experience was a long time in the making. As in, I had a whole folder of bookmarks to sort through before I made any final decisions. Shopping is a big deal for me, especially when it's gifted money. Its been one of my (numerous) New Years Resolutions to be more adventurous in my day to day dressing, so starting with jewellery and accessories is getting off on the right foot. Might as well work my way up eh? I also got some other clothes, but I can't find good pictures so I'll have to take some ferosh model shots and put them up here. So here are some things that I bought... hopefully they will arrive soon!

xxxooo Leather

P.S. still getting used to pictures.. don't judge me.

Jewellery, Belt, and Cardi: Forever21
Boots: Bakers
Military Jacket: Urban Outfitters