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30 April 2009

Somebody loves me, somebody somewhere...

Colour! It gives any outfit a punch in the face, and I'm loving it. Even the combinations that you think would seem garish look fabulous when worn (i.e. blue, purple, yellow).


photos; styleandthecity, fashionsquad, swank heights, random, and styleseekingzurich

29 April 2009

I've got a date with the night

I love this picture of Mary-Kate. Such a great colour, especially with black. I just wish I could see some of the dress too.



Can't go back

So if you notice a theme... I'm very interested in apartments right now since I'm moving with my boyfriend on Friday (!!!) and I'm looking for some inspiration. I love all the little bitty details in each of these rooms and hopefully I can find a way to incorporate some into my own house. I'm thinking splashes of colour, hardware, pattern, fabric textures... it's endless. I hope it doesn't end up looking schizo.
photo: The Selby and a forgotten source..

16 April 2009

Put Some Neon into Your House

Ok, they're not new, but they are soo cool! we used to have a pink one but it died last month, but at least the white one is still working! 

This is what you have to buy when there are NO lights in your apartment. 



No Make Up !?

So, walking by the news stand near my house in Paris, the covers of April's Elle caught my eye.

Do we like it? 

10 April 2009

Something like a phenomenon

Sooo.... first attempt at an outfit post. I'd like to thank my super lovely, and patient, boyfriend for taking the pictures. Kthnx. That was the first time it was really warm enough to wear a blazer without a winter coat (I love living in Canada...) so this blazer is making it's first appearance out into the world with me.

Wearing: vintage aquascutum blazer, random scarf, asos dress slash long shirt and belt, american apparel leggings, and joe fresh flats.


08 April 2009


Sometimes I have those days when I have an awesome piece of clothing but I find excuses not to wear it. Not because it's not pretty enough or because it doesn't go with anything, but because I'm a little intimidated by what people might think. Case in point, my fur collar. I absolutely adore that thing and continually prance around in it but when I try and talk myself into wearing it at school, suddenly I'm very good at making excuses. I've made it my personal challenge to overcome this and I think this particular quote will continue to inspire me to "just giv'r." After all, fashion is, and was meant to be fun. Who knows? Maybe someone will appreciate it more than you thought...

"People will stare... Make it worth their while."
-Harry Winston


photo: this is glamourous(??)