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20 May 2009

Friendly Fire

Possibly my favorite interpretation of the "boyfriend blazer." It almost makes me wish it wasn't going to be 28C tomorrow. Almost.

xxxooo Leather

photo: thestylishwanderer via

19 May 2009

Open one eye

In a bit of a fash rut. It's too hot for a blazer, but too cold for just a tshirt and I'm too lazy to layer. Especially when I'm late for class. I've been feeling nude tones a lot lately though. I feel like I should have a list of ideas for fall back so i don't wear skinny jeans and a tshirt like this.... week...

Oh Great Kate, help me see the fashionable light. Help me find great outfits every day, even when I'm lazy. Amen.


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07 May 2009


Loving: almost grossly distressed jeans. I would diy mine, but I think I'm a bit too scared of ruining them. But I guess that would be closer to a good thing? Any tips?

photos: lefashion, because i'm addicted

Just call me closer

The one thing that will elevate the entire outfit. I love standout pieces. Still easy, but more of a 4 pm casual. You know, not enough to go out in, but enough that it took that slightest bit of effort.


ps. i love seeing american apparel on serious fashionistas, so refreshing.

photos: pretty young fling, trendycrew, jakandjill