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24 February 2009

You and I were meant to be together..

You know when you buy something that you just need to have, regardless of wardrobe 'meshing' or wearability? I have one of those right now, and it happens to be a newfound obsession. I absolutely love fur accents. I recently bought a fox fur collar, and although I'll wear it around my room I can't bring myself to wear it to school, which is pretty much the only place I go lately. But I like to live vicariously through women who can just kill the look, like these;

Have you felt the love?

xxxooo Leather (with some fur)

photos; {this is glamorous}, sea of shoes via some super cool street style site, garance dore?, and the sartorialist

16 February 2009

A Glamorous Return to Childhood

Ok, I never thought I'd say this, but Barbie's 50th Anniversary show in the prestigious Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week kicked ass.
Who would've thought that those plastic blondies that my mum used to buy me in the store under my house would turn into this!? thank god they lost the fake organza dress that they used to wear, however the shoes? Louboutin went a bit too Barbie.

Barbie was born Barbara Millicent Roberts on March 9, 1959 in Willows, Wisonsin. She is one of the top selling dolls in the world. She has travelled and worked more than a 100 jobs, however, she loves beeing a fashion hoe the most, (she told me last night, cinfidentially, of course) Everyone's played with Barbies at one point in their lives and if they haven't they should probably question the kind of childhood they had. And in order to make her 50th party more interesting she agreed with 51 designers, including Vera Wang, Alexander Wang , Marchesa, Calvin Klein, Diane Von Fustenberg, etc to dress her up for a real-size fashion show. 

Only one word: Fierce.



Photos: nymagazine

08 February 2009

Cause your love is seven feet deep

I've been obsessed with closets lately. I want something where I can see everything and it has to be organized by item, style, and colour. I had heart palpatations while looking at these beauties...

xxxooo Leather

photos from top; Domino, Swank Heights, and {this is glamorous}

05 February 2009

Let's Arad For A Second

Lucky me, living in Paris, I get to go to all these amazing exhibitions all over the city, this month in the Centre Pompidou there's an exhibition on Ron Arad.
Ron Arad is an idustrial designer,artist and architect. In the exhibition showing now in the Pompidou, you can see a collection of chairs, mainly, and other obejects like lamps and maquetes of some of his architectural projects. His use of metal to create flowing designs is flawless, it seems as if the pieces were as light as bubbles about to rise up in the air. This contrast with his earlier work, where he used plastic especially, and even though his designs are still similar (big and curved objects) by using metal his managed to stylize and add more elegance to his pieces.

These are only some of the pieces you could find in the exhibition. It's absolutely fabulous, if you are in Paris any time soon, it's a MUST.