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17 March 2009

An ode...

... to the stiletto.

Last friday was my first venture in heels during the day. I'm 6 ft tall, so it took a lot of courage for me to finally wear them in sunlight. I buy new heels all the time, and I made myself a promise that I would wear them more if I was going to keep buying them. It's almost a crime to buy such a beautiful piece and then keep it locked in the depths of my closet. And it's empowering! Seriously, I was getting looks left, right, and centre.. and I stopped caring after about 5 minutes. I know that in more... fashionable... places than London heels are worn all day, every day, so why can't I? So this is my ode to the high heel. Although you make my feet hurt and I have a blister on my toe, I love the way you make me feel. Now I'm off to go practice my runway stomp.

"Why become beautiful at 5, when you can become beautiful at 10 am?"


15 March 2009

My Lovely Jon

One of these days where you have nothing to do, I was looking in the internet and guess who i found. My favourite Spanish supermodel: Jon Kortajarena How can you not love him?
He's worked his way up to the top and now he features in campaigns for Tom Ford, Bally, Guess, Diesel.. This is his latest campaign for Brian Atwood:

As Rachel Zoe would say, I DIE!

For more info on him click HERE



PS. Leather, i love you

14 March 2009

My fantasy...

I always have a daydream of crossing a street looking absolutely lethal. The highest heels, dramatic clothes, the wind blowing just right. Sarah Rutson of Lane Crawford just personified my daydream.

That's me in 8 years...


ps. I'd like to thank the lovely Feathers for making me mind-blowingly jealous... again.

photo: Jak&Jill blog


And once again, she did it.

March 9th, 2009. 8 am. Wake up. I had slept 2 hours, hwk. Make up and heels and get on the metro. We got to 3 rue Dupetits Thouars and it was busting with people. Around us we saw, Salma Hayek, Jefferson Hack, Anna Wintour, Patrick Demarchelier, Mario Testino... and those are just a few names. We get in and the show begins. It was fabulous, fierce.
Thank you.



09 March 2009

Once more, with feeling

Saw this on Fashionista on my lunch break. Looked down and realized I was also wearing black/navy. First tights and sandals, now black and navy? What is the next fashion rule to be broken? Upscale sweatpants have been done (thank you Alexander Wang) and so have evening shorts. I'm looking forward to the next steadfast rule being smashed.



05 March 2009

Electric Feel

This picture makes me crave nude lips, big hair, and crazy liquid liner.


photo: me last week... (joking)

04 March 2009

Throw some D's on that

Dsquared2 is quite possibly one of my most anticipated runway shows, just because it's so much fun to watch. But this one was a little shaky... denim minis and leggings? Really? You show in Milan, and you send out that? Is your target audience 12? I liked this show because it was easily translatable from the inspirational point of view, but I think some of the looks were too played out. Starbucks, big ass bags, and plaid? I like all of these things, but I think Dean and Dan's muses are very obvious.
is this for real??


03 March 2009

My goal in life

photo: Jak&Jill blog

02 March 2009

Undercover lover

Does anyone else remember when tights and sandals were one of the ultimate fashion "faux-pas"? It was actually only like 2 years ago.. Isn't funny sometimes how something can go from a so-called crime to quite a commonplace occurance? I love that. Here's the Jesus Christ of fashion rocking it;

xxxooo Leather

photo: Jak&Jill blog