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05 February 2009

Let's Arad For A Second

Lucky me, living in Paris, I get to go to all these amazing exhibitions all over the city, this month in the Centre Pompidou there's an exhibition on Ron Arad.
Ron Arad is an idustrial designer,artist and architect. In the exhibition showing now in the Pompidou, you can see a collection of chairs, mainly, and other obejects like lamps and maquetes of some of his architectural projects. His use of metal to create flowing designs is flawless, it seems as if the pieces were as light as bubbles about to rise up in the air. This contrast with his earlier work, where he used plastic especially, and even though his designs are still similar (big and curved objects) by using metal his managed to stylize and add more elegance to his pieces.

These are only some of the pieces you could find in the exhibition. It's absolutely fabulous, if you are in Paris any time soon, it's a MUST.



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