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27 January 2009

Pulling my Wang

Alexander Wang... for men? Something tells me this is another excuse for women to steal from their boyfriend's closets. I know I would. The line is supposed to come out for Spring 2010 (that sounds so futuristic! So does 2525) Apparently “the idea has always been there, I’m just expanding it.” I think it's safe to say that the entire blogging world will be eagerly awaiting this line. Guess he's putting that CFDA fund to excellent use!

While I'm procrastinating studying for my History exam tomorrow (sorry Matt, I'm soo close to being done though- I promise!) isn't this picture

fabulous? Imagine being able to walk into that every friggin morning. I think I'd just stay home and play dress up all the time. "I have nothing to wear" should ever come out of her mouth. I'd be personally offended. Not that I'm neccessarily lacking either, but...

xxxooo Leather

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