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02 March 2009

Undercover lover

Does anyone else remember when tights and sandals were one of the ultimate fashion "faux-pas"? It was actually only like 2 years ago.. Isn't funny sometimes how something can go from a so-called crime to quite a commonplace occurance? I love that. Here's the Jesus Christ of fashion rocking it;

xxxooo Leather

photo: Jak&Jill blog


  1. I was seriously just thinking this the other day, but in my book, it's still something I would never do. A personal faux-pas, if you will.

  2. haha i'm glad i'm not alone in this! but i have seen some very cool ways of doing it. as long as it's not nude pantyhose with the seam at the toes! thats just too much for me

  3. i, feathers, personally do it all the time, i love it