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07 January 2009

It made my heart beat double time...

So because it was Christmas not too long along, I got a small amount of shopping money. And any girl on a budget knows you have to stretch those dollars to get everything you need out of it. Start with the things that you've been coveting for god-knows-how-long, and then finish off with the "it was too cute, i just had to" buy. I had been in dire need of new clothes for a long time now (it pains me to think about those dark days, even though they are just starting again) and this shopping experience was a long time in the making. As in, I had a whole folder of bookmarks to sort through before I made any final decisions. Shopping is a big deal for me, especially when it's gifted money. Its been one of my (numerous) New Years Resolutions to be more adventurous in my day to day dressing, so starting with jewellery and accessories is getting off on the right foot. Might as well work my way up eh? I also got some other clothes, but I can't find good pictures so I'll have to take some ferosh model shots and put them up here. So here are some things that I bought... hopefully they will arrive soon!

xxxooo Leather

P.S. still getting used to pictures.. don't judge me.

Jewellery, Belt, and Cardi: Forever21
Boots: Bakers
Military Jacket: Urban Outfitters

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