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09 January 2009

She took my heart, I think she took my soul

Looking at pictures from Donna Karan's pre-fall 09 collection on (I am a little behind, but I'm a busy girl!) and I'm not sure what I think about it. I love the deep red colour and the splash of purple and blue dresses. But personally I'm not crazy about the use of structure. points out the obvious when they say that "Karan's idea of structure is easier than most," but when I want a Donna Karan dress I want the elegant draping and luxurious fabrics which you just don't get with a structured blazer. Designers do need to switch things up and go beyond what they do best, but is Donna just trying to appeal to a wider, more professional audience because of the recession?

My favorite piece from the collection, isn't this colour fabulous?This dress reminds me of something I saw at French Connection the other day.... the loose origami folds are wonderful though.
Yet another 'tuxedo' dress..

A rose by any other name..

xxxooo Leather

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