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26 January 2009

Tough Love

I would have died for these shoes. They were on everyone (well, everyone worthwhile) but with a price tag of over $900 american... eff no. But then, the silver lining. Jeffrey Campbell made his own version of the God-like shoes. And again, $100 with horrible shipping costs to Canada... it's been hard my friends. While I still coveted these shoes long past f/w 2007 I felt that maybe one day in a distant land we could meet up. That distant land was not as far off as I thought. Behold, Spring's version of the Burberry studded heel... and only $60. Plus two extra 10% off. Which equals ooohh..... $48.60 Far better than $900+ in my books.

xxxooo Leather

Clockwise; Jeffery Campbell, Burberry, Spring.

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