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22 January 2009

Stuck on Repeat

I've been listening to Little Boots alot lately, and I have to say I really love it! It's very pop/discoteque, which is different from my normal taste. It's kind of like Crystal Castles a little bit. Something I'd love to hear in a club. Have a listen to her Hot Chip remix, it's very mellow.

The Alexander McQueen for Tar-jay lookbook is out, and although it is... bland... there are some pieces I actually love. I'm not seeing the girl from Deerhunters influence here, or the "mermaid" bit either. I think I did spot some zippered leggings though! They would probably be less expensive then the ones from AA, which unfortunately are way too short for me. I think my favorite look from the line would be the grey jacket (which looks a little assymetrical on the model,) the patterned one shouldered dress, and the quasi star-trek looking dress. The other stuff was just really boring for me, although I understand the pressure to make the clothes appeal to a wider audience than the more stylistically (and monetarily) exclusive audience. I'm glad it's not just a total knock off of another of his lines, like that asian kid (thakoon maybe? i forget) did.

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