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19 January 2009

Set it on fire

I'm about to get a new apartment downtown (hopefully I get into uni so I can keep it though!) and I've been thinking about how to decorate it for awhile. Technically, I've "had" an apartment for awhile.. in my head, just waiting for the real estate to come around. I like trolling through {this is glamorous} because there is always beautiful interior design, and although it may not always be my taste, I still appreciate the elegance and effort in the room. I'm thinking about doing this kind of blue wall in the living room, it would look perfect with the big windows (with the prerequisite white curtains) and brick walls. Sometimes I wish time would just speed up so I can move in already! I've had my eye on this building since November. How do you decorate your room/bachelor pads?

xxxooo Leather

photo: this is glamorous;

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